June 2017

Drowning in a Sea of Bitz

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Part III begins with an update on green stuffing the framework - the major focus at this point. I've mixed up a darker batch and started to build up the layers until it's 'even' with the existing frame. Before painting the excess putty will be sanded and filed down to make a smoother base for the paint, and improve the overall cohesive look. You can see in the image below how this is progressing, in total there's probably 3-4 separate layers. Allowing each layer to mostly set before adding the next and building it up to the roof has been a tedious and time consuming process. You can also see that while one side is making great progress, the other side is a whole other story.

Not Quite A Stormbird, More Than A Stormraven

Missed part I? Read it here

Part I of my Custom Thunderhawk Gunship project finished with the basis of the hull being completed. And what looked like the capability to lift itself off the ground, which was an important alteration in my custom build over the Forgeworld version. But while i'm happy with some parts of the new hull, other parts not so much. Due to the heavy cutting and alterations on the two separate Stormraven Gunship frames, the joins are very flimsy and easily slipped apart. I was worried that this might allow for too much bending in the final model. But alas, the butchering had already been done, so I decided to rely heavily on Green Stuff for the structural integrity I wanted. You can see this in the image below where I've began to fill in the missing framework.


The Australian Government’s Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report (AIHW, 2015) includes data from over 1,000 prison entrants from all states and territories across the country. It states 49% of the prisoners surveyed reported that they have or have been told by a qualified medical professional that they are suffering from a mental health disorder. This leads one to question, are people with mental health problems at an increased risk of violent offending? This essay will begin by looking at what constitutes a mental health problem and how these problems are categorized by different regions. It will then explore the relationship between violent offending and certain types of mental health problems from biological, behavioural, and psychological disorders. Within the examination and discussion of the question ‘Are people with mental health problems at increased risk of violent offending?’ empirical research will be used to explore what links exist between these specific mental health problem areas and violent offences being carried out. It is intended that this essay will support and clarify the link between certain types of mental health problems and the increased risk the sufferers of the problems pose to the community through heightened rates of violent offending.

In the Beginning the Emperor...

I started this project because as soon as I read about the famed gunship of the Adeptus Astartes, I knew that I wanted one. The price tag associated with buying one from Forgeworld however, is another story. Especially once you read about the mould issues, and how much additional work needs to be put in. Being no stranger to modelling, I decided to build my own. The obvious goal of this project was to have a model that resembled a Thunderhawk Gunship, but I also wanted to fix some things with the original design that began to bug me over the years.